Alla Dul "Marga"
February, 1st - March, 17th 2012

This is the exhibition of the artist from Petersburg, who has been living and meditating in the ancient monastery in Himalayas for several years. On her canvases and ancient wooden boards - bodies, hands, faces of people are depicted; through them the author speaks with the spectator about the spiritual ways and the nature of the divine.

Translated from Sanskrit , Marga means the way, the road. In Buddhism there are concepts of Pancharatrika marga - the ancient way of self-consciousness, Bhakti marga - the way of love, fidelity, and Ashthanga marga - the sacred way, leading to Nirvana.

The basic theme of Alla Duls paintings is a human being. But she is neither interested in specific individuals, nor in the beauty or their features. On her canvases the spectator observes people out of their social status, out of time and external attributes. Through the generalized images, through depicting bodies, hands, faces - sometimes focused, meditative, sometimes extremely intense - she sets up a conversation with the spectator about the divine in him. About the spiritual way, about the private world without which the short interval between birth and death has no value.

Throughout last two years the artist has been living in India, meditating in the monastery of the tenth century in Himalayas at the height of 4300 meters. Her paintings are the reflection of what has been realized by means of spiritual practice and deep inner work.

Alla Dul has been painting for eight years. During this time her works were exhibited in the Museum of Modern Arts Erarta in the bastion of Petropavlovskaya Fortress. The personal exhibition in Roerich's Memorial estate in Nagara is planned to take place in April. The theme of her paintings is invariable, as well as her style doesn't change. She uses canvas and boards of different breeds of trees. The board is a unique material for the author as it stores memory of the past, its power can't be ignored. Alla Dul chooses boards, being guided exclusively by her own sensual perception, and there is no wonder that the choice often falls on the boards aging three hundred years.

Her paintings have no names. It is caused by the fact, that the theme mentioned concerns not ratio, logic, but lays in the other level of perception where sensitivity, emotionality and spiritual consciousness are involved. Therefore verbal forms are inappropriate here.

Creativity of the artist possesses a unique combination - it is traditional and original at the same time. Energy and sincerity give to her painting that unique force thanks to which visual art is capable to address not to mind, but directly to the sensual world of the spectator.

The curator of the exhibition is Izabella Tarasova.